In 1823 a group of volunteers committed to building a meetinghouse. Today that meetinghouse, The Old West Church, still stands in all its grandeur because of dedicated volunteers who have worked selflessly over the years to preserve this iconic building.


This can be dropped off at the Old West Church on the front table or mailed to the address on the form.  Membership is good for one year from the date of the last Annual Meeting (10-17-21).  Membership is open to anyone over 16 and permits voting on Association matters.

Old West Church Membership Enrollment Form



Volunteers are needed for the Christmas Eve Service.  If you are interested in lending a hand please use the form below to contact us.   A Trustee will reach out to share the types of volunteer assistance that is needed.  Thanks for supporting the success of this magical evening in Calais at the Old West Church!

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Actively seeking volunteers! See below for our current standing committees. Other committees are formed from time to time based on need and interest. The purpose of these committees will be posted on the website and you are encouraged to join them. If you have an idea or are interested in joining, please go to the ‘Contact’ page to connect with the OWC Board.

Finance Committee provides financial consultation concerning the investment of OWC funds and sets long-range financial goals along with funding strategies to achieve them.

Building & Maintenance
The Building and Maintenance Committee evaluates, recommends, and advises regarding the preservation and maintenance activities of the Association.

Music & Events
The Music Committee advises the Association and members on all issues regarding the provision of music for services, concerts, and other programs of civic or community interest.

The Fundraising Committee provides an action plan for maintaining sufficient resources to maintain the OWC. It works in close cooperation with the Finance and Building Committees to guide fundraising activities.

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting is held each year in the Fall at the Old West Church to elect officers and conduct new business.  The Annual Meeting for 2022 is scheduled for Sunday, November 13th, 3:00, location TBD.

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