Dear Friends,

We are grateful to receive much-needed support from friends the world over for the care and preservation of the Old West Church. And we are poised to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the historic meeting house built in 1823.

Thanks to gifts like yours, music and memory-making events returned to the Old West Church this year with wonderful success.

Perhaps you joined us for the inaugural Music Under the Steeple concert in July. Katie Trautz and Julia Wayne of Mayfly brought their voices and instruments together on a sweet summer Sunday. In addition to the music, Katie shared her childhood wonder of the Christmas Eve Service and her commitment to remembering, without peeking, the tongue-tying command high on the church wall:


As our gorgeous fall slips into stick season, we ask you to make a gift in support of our “ancient landmark”! We face many projects large and small in the coming years.

You can help us begin the 200th Anniversary Celebration by making a generous gift and, most importantly, participating in the special activities we have in the works, including more Music Under the Steeple. Please watch for information by email and on our website. We will kick off the celebration at the Christmas Eve Service in December and bring it all to a close at Fall Foliage in October 2023.

Thank you and warm wishes from the Old West Church Trustees,

Anne Connor
Barbara McAndrew
Donna Fitch
Sue Killoran