The Old West Church connects families and communities, local and distant, to the past, present, and future.  Built in 1823, its listing on the National Register of Historic Places signifies a unique representation of our social and architectural history. Our mission is to preserve, conserve and administer the Old West Church meeting house and property. To encourage the use of the meetinghouse for worship and civic, cultural and family events in keeping with the traditions, and in the best interests of the Calais community.

Board of Trustees

Barbara McAndrew, President
Susannah Blachly, Vice President
Mack Gardner-Morse, Treasurer
open, Recording Secretary
open, Corresponding Secretary

The Board of Trustees elected annually at the Old West Church Associations annual meeting held in early Fall. Notification will be posted. Interested parties in running for office should contact the Board President.

Photo Credits: Curtis Johnson, Jennifer Marcuson, Vermont Historical Society, Jeb Wallace-Broduer